1st Line Company has Completed the Key Development Planning in New Period

At present, the overall development planning of 1st Line Company in new period has been completed. Under the background of both economic changes and the development transition of 1st Line Company, Combining the development concept and objective of ‘innovating develop model, building technical group’, the planning defines a series of key work and periodical objective of a period in the future, and makes a new design and adjustment on development objective, structure, and model, which requires to realize innovative and leap-forward development of the key business on the basis of ensuring the steady, pragmatic, efficient development of whole business and try to complete the deployed plan over a specific period of time.
1.Accelerate the Pace of New Material Development.
Polymer composites technology has been the core business of 1st Line Company for a long time. For 13 years, 1st Line Company has gone through many phases from material introduction, sale, application to independent innovation, research & development and technology diversification. The development has made 1st Line Company an important part in the industry. Under the new period, there are many new materials, technologies and applications continuously emerging, therefore, innovating and completing the existing technical system and enhancing technical standard still remain the core business for a long time in the future. At present, a professional institution approved by Zibo government for polymer composites technology research & development and project application is officially launched, which has the research ability of national and provincial project, and has the qualification to participating standard setting work relating to the polymer composites technology. At the same time, the project of synthesis and develop of carbon nano material, graphene material and super light and strong metal material which has been approved earlier, has also been officially launched, of which the research & development of graphene composites has been listed in the key research program by Zibo science and technology bureau.
2.Extend the Application to More Maintenance Fields.
It is the early concept of 1st Line Company that help users to realize full updating of maintenance technology with polymer composites in equipment management area which has been widely accepted and approved by users up to this time. Considering the obvious contradiction of down economy, shrinking profit and high manufacturing cost, one of the key works at present is still continuously stabilizing and further expending the business of polymer composites for application of anti-corrosion, restoration and reconstruction in the area of industry and helping users to reduce maintenance cost. While increase the cooperation in the industry of steel, metallurgy, oil field, petrochemical, chemical, cement, building material, food, drug, paper, coal, mining, power, etc., we will also develop and expend new business in the area of marine economy such as ship building and repairing, offshore oilfield, seawater desalinization, etc. According to the common problems occurred in equipment maintenance, put more reserved and ready technologies into the existing business system to realize the operating mechanism of diversifying and integrating of technologies. At present, we have realized the special field application of the new technologies such as dynamic seal leakage, high temperature and pressure seal, rust converting anti-corrosion, online pipe leakage restoration and anti-corrosive & anti-sticking cured film.
3.Actively Promoting the Combination of New Material and Equipment Manufacturing Industry.
As a functional material, polymer material has an excellent mechanics and chemical performance, and it can make up for the deficiency of metal material in many aspects. As a matter of fact, 1st Line Company has discovered that polymer composites can combine with equipment manufacture in many aspects which can enhance equipment application performance and extend its life cycle, as well as significantly reduce the cost of utilizing costly heavy metal, so that help more enterprises to upgrading from traditional manufacture technology to new technology so that to make their product and technology more competitive. At present, combing of more new material, we have made tentative application of many technologies such as pump efficiency improving coating, sprayable rubber elastic coating, low energy surface anti-adhesion coating, high-temperature anti-erosion energy-saving coating, curing physical film in many equipment manufacturing areas such as pump, water turbine, fan, tank, furnace, electrolytic aluminum, tire manufacturing, etc.
4.Increase the Cooperation with Domestic and Overseas Academies and Technical Institution.
Increasing the cooperation with domestic and overseas advanced institution is an important part of 1st Line Company’s development plan. By now, by its representative institution set up in USA, 1st Line Company has established cooperative relationship and data sharing with hundreds of institutions in more than a dozen of countries including China. the newly established cloud database has collected and recorded thousands of solutions from various areas. With the cooperative policy of coalition of college and enterprises, of technical institution and enterprises, and between enterprises, 1st Line Company has established cooperative relationship with material research institution of American Eastern Michigan University, polymer department of Shandong University of Science and Technology, School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, material research institution of Beihang University. In the aspect of cooperation between enterprise, we have substantial cooperation with new material giant such as Hausman, Wintec, DOW, Aker, Emoc, McAfee and 3M. Meanwhile, it is also the new period key work to strengthen the cooperation with American medium and small-size enterprises which are actively innovative and master innovative technology. Lately, 1st Line Company’s wholly owned subsidiary in America, combined with Micava International Corporation, will start a communication with American Small Business Administration, expecting to realize a win-win situation of technology innovation and emerging market.
5.Focus on Promoting Technical Market Linkage
With the completion of business transition of 1st Line Company in new period, the diversified advanced technologies for the cost control of equipment maintenance under the design of five modules-maintenance, security, efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection, has been prepared and ready to use. During this period, the selecting and matching work for different industries has basically been completed. In the future, the key work mainly includes paraffin removal and prevention, fracturing fluid treatment technology, Silicon-carbon-sulfur composite scale removal technology, soil remediation technology and underground water treatment technology in oil production area, and coal fines control technology, combustion increasing and emission reduction technology, desulphurization, denitration, demercuration technology, electricity generation by ultralow temperature waste heat in coal, power, steel, cement industry. At present, the polymer composites technology, cleaning technology has got the application approval and access permission in Daqing Oilfield and Changqing Oilfield, besides, paraffin removal and prevention technology will be tested in wells of Daqing Oilfield in January. Moreover, the fracturing flow-back liquid mobile treatment device and well drainage hardening applications are under preparation.
6.Business Optimization and Reconstruction.
Fully conducting the development strategy is not only the matter of objective setting and layout level design, but more importantly a comprehensive adjustment from the point of operating structure. Previously, 1st Line Company is keeping an integrated development mode of various business which have played an active role in single business of maintenance. However, as the establishment of the cost management modules, including maintenance, efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, the single business mode has confined its function, which has limited the talent supplies, knowledge structure, technical experience, etc. Therefore, this plan has confirmed that business operating structure will be divided into many areas such as composites, clean energy, environment engineering, precision shaping, etc, gradually transfer from business division to corporatization, and finally realize the operating mechanism of holdings group.
7.Cooperation Model Innovation with Talent Strategy.
Innovation is the core of 1st Line Company’s development, which should be also reflected in talent development and employment besides of the exploration in concept development, business mode and technical research. 1st Line Company is advocating the cooperative sprite all the time, and tries to build a harmonious and sustainable development cooperative relationship with personnel, not only just the employment relationship. With the concept that talent is the greatest fortune, 1st Line Company treats talents as the most precious wealth and joint cooperation, development and share with them. Considering the important period of development, 1st Line Company is trying a partner cooperation model under the divided business so that both the internal and the new external talent can take part in the development as the role of company founder. Under the backup of its policy, technology and capital,1st Line Company will ultimately realize corporatization and operating independently. The establishment of this cooperative model will make it possible that every participant will become share holder and further realize their entrepreneur dream and life value.
8.Overall Plan With Development Strategy
In the development process for more than 10 years, 1st Line Company has experienced development changes in different stages and modes, from independent regional operation in early stage, to the national agency cooperation, then to current overall strategy layout. There are achievements and regrets in the process of development and this is necessary for development and progress. At present, facing the profound change of Chinese economy, 1st Line Company has realized the combination of advanced resource and market resource, on the base of the completion of the development strategy, business model and technical resource reservation. Besides, it also establishes strategic cooperative relationship with dominant institution of relating industry to co-development. So far, it has set up the cooperative institutions in Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, North China and East China. In the future, it will speed up the institution setup in Central China and South China, and fully carry out the division and cooperative model of technical resource plus market resource to realize the leaping development under the background of economy transition, industrial structure adjustment and technology upgrade.
In conclusion, 1st Line Company has started to carry out the development planning since the beginning of this year. How to keep a stable development is a challenge to 1st Line Company under the background of continuously economic situation change. With the belief that control ourselves with wisdom, develop with cooperation, make progress with innovation and discover opportunity with insight, 1st Line Company believes that an age without challenge and opportunity can not be regarded as a great age, while the company daring to overwhelm the challenge and grab the opportunity, can be possible to become a great company.