1ST Line new Polymer coating successfully solved high temperature corrosion resistance problem of rotary kiln

Recently, application of new type polymer coating successfully solved high temperature alumina rotary kiln outer wall surface corrosion problem in the high temperature corrosion field. This coating technology has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, can be applied in the rotary kiln and the sink surface, especially quick repair corrosion damage of weld parts, greatly improve  rotary kiln corrosion resistance.

The high temperature alumina rotary kiln is made from rolled steel sheet and welded automatically. The cooling device of rotary kiln is circulating cooling water, which is directly sprayed on the surface of kiln body with the temperature over 200 degrees. Long-term spraying operation results in rusting corrosion on the surface of kiln body, thickening rust layer, reduction heat exchange efficiency, thinning kiln walls and shortening equipment service , causing hidden trouble to safety production. However, traditional repair process has no effective solution to deal with this problem, so the whole equipment can only be replaced, which increases maintenance cost.

The successful application of this technology provide a good guarantee for high temperature alumina high quality production provides a good guarantee. So 1st line anti-corrosion technology under high temperature further enhance. The superiority and professional of 1st line polymer technology has been well known by various industrial enterprises, and provide service many years for chemical, oil, manufacturing, rubber, etc an-ti corrosion field. 1st line will continue to carry out product research and development through our own scientific research strength, and integrate the world’s cutting-edge technologies to benefit domestic industry long-term development.