1st TECH Applications Range

Paper industry: roller, air compressor, after cooler, calender bowl, chemical scrubber, closed cooling system, condenser, cooling tower, gas cooler, heat exchanger, intercooler, filtrate tank, filtrate pipe, vacuum filter, vacuum pump, slush pump, lime pump, evaporimeter, digester, scrubber, flow box, squeezer, indirect cooler, absorption plant, gas steam room, steam heater, cooling system, motor body, compressor body, combustion motor, couch roll, etc.

Rubber and plastics: mould, boiler, cooler, condenser, vacuum pump, Bernie mixer, air compressor, absorption cooler, temperature control system, pipe, flanging machine, extruding machine, intercooler, aftercooler, cooling tower, heat exchanger, air compressor body, calender bowl, closed cooling system, etc.

Iron and steel industry: electric-arc furnace, connecting device, continuous casting equipment, condenser, air gas generator, motor room radiator, transformer radiator, vertical sewage pump, etc.

Automobile industry: extruding machine, water tank radiator, injection molding machine, closed cooling system, etc.

Glass industry: mould, pipe, exchanger, air compressor, etc.

Beverage industry: sterilizer, embellish washing trough, chiller, bottle washer, carbon dioxide maker, hot water exchanger, etc.

Food industry: sterilizer, air washer, ice machine, steam meter, cooling tower, process equipment, cryogenic box, evaporative condenser, etc.

Manufacturing industry: cooler, vacuum filter, vacuum furnace, electric furnace, etc.

Petroleum refining industry: pipe, pump, converter, exchanger, oil cracker, air compressor, etc.

Textile industry: cooler, extruding machine, aftercooler, air washer, condenser, exchanger, air compressor, etc.

Medical industry: distiller, sterilizer, condenser, vacuum pump, heat exchanger, closed cycle system, etc.

Chemical industry: dryer, reactor, extruding machine, washing machine, vacuum pump, condenser, steam boiler, etc.

Electric power industry: boiler, turbine, transformer, cooling tower, air compressor, hydrogen cooler, lube oil heat exchanger, etc.

Metallurgical industry: cooling ventilation fans, furnace door, sprinkler head, vacuum furnace, mould cooler, turning furnace, etc.

Service industry: central air-conditioning system, heating system, water heater, etc.