Case Study

Abrasion-resistant Coating Protection in Two-stage and double-suction center split type pump Flow Channel.

400DS-100×2,mainly used for farm irrigation, is a newly developed Two-stage and double-suction centre split type pump by a large enterprises in Zibo for it’s Uzbekistan costumer. To avoid the harm caused by impact , erosion, cavitation to the pump , extend the service life of the pump, after repeated research and demonstration, the enterprise finally decided to use the technology of 1st Tech blue to pre-protect the pump Flow Channel.

According to the using conditions provided by the costumer, 1st Line company selected the most suitable polymer composites and developed the best construction technology to ensure the protection effect of the pump. Our technical engineers personnel to enterprises, the surface treatment, primer , filling potholes operation , the overall finishing, surface coating processes , and ultimately complete the overall protection of the flow channel for 9 sets of 400DS-100 × type 2 pump.

1st Line anti-corrosion , anti-erosion , anti-cavitation polymer composites is designed to resist corrosion , erosion , cavitation in fluid environment. High elasticity, adapt to alternating deformation and temperature changes and other properties, given from its special molecular structure, ensure that the material has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-cavitation , abrasion resistance , and its molecular weight and a smooth surface of the high density , not only to improve the ability of anti- cavitation can also increase pump efficiency by 5% to 7%. And 1st Line polymer composite coating can also be applied repeatedly to protect and ensure the substrate from damage, has laid a solid foundation for improving enterprise equipment management level .