Composites application

Driving section wear solution

传动部位磨损-1 传动部位磨损-2 QQ截图20171205151402

Photo1: roller shaft online repair

Photo2: roller bearing house online repair

Photo3: gear shat machinable repair

Brushable &impact solution

冲击冲刷-1 冲击冲刷-2 冲击冲刷-3

Photo1: Pifister discharge port abrasion

Photo2: Vertical mill roller repair&protection

Photo3: converter fan shell brushable&abrasion

Rubber repair solution

橡胶修补-1 橡胶修补-2 橡胶修补-3

Photo:Conveyor belt online repair

Leakage solution

渗漏-1 渗漏-2 渗漏3

Photo1: hydrogen pipeline leakage repair

Photo2: gas pipeline repair

Photo3: thermal power plant flange leakage repair

Lubrication optimization solution

润滑优化-1 润滑优化-2

Photo1: Roots blower super lubricant application

Photo2: Cycloidal gear reducer oil leakage repair

High temperature &high pressure sealing solution


 Corrosion repair solution

腐蚀问题-3 腐蚀-2 腐蚀问题-1


Photo1:Enamel reactor discharge port anti-corrosion

Photo2:Small oil-water separator anti-corrosion

Photo3:Tube sheet anti-corrosion

Pumps solution

泵类-3 泵类-2 泵类-1

Photo 1: impeller erosion protection

Photo 2: pump body brushable protection

Photo3: slurry pump abrasion protection


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