Officially initiated 1st line Technologies remote interactive platform

Recently, 1st Technologies Group officially initiated remote interactive platform, which is focus on establishing in 2019. Through AR augmented reality technology, the platform transmits on-site images to 1st line remote interactive platform in real time, and then 1st line remote guiding center analyzes and deal with the complex problems on-site in the first time, and synchronously give feedback to the front-line technicians.The platform redefines traditional industrial equipment maintenance industry in the form of augmented reality, smart wear, information interaction and collaboration. Simultaneously, 1st line remote interactive platform can be multi-image & split-screen demonstration, effectively improving the guidance efficiency of  expert team, and better adapt to 1st line multi-industry business model.


Currently, the remote platform is running well. After repeated use, it can fully meet synchronous transmission of on-site images and sound, providing a good technical background support for the on-site application of 1st line technical engineers. As the best solution to supplement of on-site technical guidance, this system has played an important auxiliary role in the on-site application for many times. Through the on-site information sharing and remote expert team jointing, complement each other’s advantages, greatly improving on-site analysis and decision-making ability. Smart glasses can also store and backup the video streams collected on-site through the server, which enriches the first-hand video database on-site and provides better on-site application guidance and standard operating procedure for customers.


1st line learn about on-site equipment problems through remote interactive platform

In addition, through this high-definition split-screen splicing technology of remote interactive platform , 1st line can not only realize large demonstration with high detail requirement such as precision stamping, but also realize split-screen demonstration of different images when there are multiple on-site operation connection requirement. Ensure the same time can meet traditional equipment maintenance, environmental dust control, soil road curing, oil-free water-based lubrication and other cross-industry remote guiding requirement.


Split-screen demonstration of 1st line remote interactive platform

The operation of 1st line remote interactive platform officially opens the prelude of 1st line information adjustment and equipment technology upgrade in 2019. Through the smart AR glasses technology, large screen high-definition splicing screen, electronic touch all-in-one machine, explosion-proof mobile phone terminal, NAS network storage equipment has been enabled, as well as the later to build a leading-edge R&D laboratory, big data cloud computing database, etc., all of these provide a supporting for 1st future grow to technologies enterprise.