Many new technologies of 1st line will be cooperated with Guo Feng Wind Power

Recently, 1st line technical expert team went to the Guo Feng Wind Power Group for a special discussion on cooperation of several new technologies in wind power, which will focus on rebuilding engine rotor shaft, dynamic & static seal leakage stop, blade anti-icing & lightning , at present, technical implementation plan are further improving, and real-time testing will be carried one by one.


1st line rotor shaft rebuilding technologies is for long time operation of metal fatigue, deformation caused by wear and fracture, the principle of which is utilized inter-molecular forces caused by composite polymer permeability, make it excellent adhesion to repair parts, which quick resolve field repair problems, prevent wear and complex machining, is widely used in electric power, coal mining, metallurgical and other industries. Speed gear box leakage sealing control has been a unique technology for gearbox problem, unlike traditional sealing. This technology utilize high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics of polymer materials, rapid sealing leakage points,which is a good way to absorb impact of gear box vibration , keep gear box good operation.


At the same time, 1st line utilize special anti-icing coating & anti-lighting film for wind blade against lightning and anti-icing equipment protection. Anti-icing is a silicone resin epoxy coating , has a good non-sticky, hydrophobic and abrasion resistance, can effectively avoid equipment corrosion caused by ice. Anti- lightning protective film is a high performance laminated film system, is composed of a outer layer of fluorine polymer film made from ethylene – vinyl chloride co-polymer, which consist of a protective system with copper foil contain acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. At the same time, this protective film can provide high performance corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It also has peeling and sticking performance so that it can adhesive to almost all surfaces and easy to operate. The combination of anti-icing and anti-lightning protection technology can greatly extend  service life of equipment and provide a good equipment protection solution for wind power enterprises.


The wind business is emerging business in Guo Feng Wind Power Group after thermal power, and nuclear power, which is the world leading wind power as a whole solution provider, specializing in wind turbines at domestic & overseas installation, operation maintenance, spare parts supply, and wind power technology upgrade . up to today, 1st line has long cooperated with Guo Feng Wind in thermal power, nuclear power involving business include steam turbine high temperature sealing, nuclear circulation pump cavitation resistance, steam turbine oils sealing under pressure, transformer leak stop,  fan self-cleaning & anti-sticking,  heat exchanger cleaning, conveyor belt quick repair, desulfurization pump anti-corrosion &wear, boiler tube column anti-thermal conductivity,etc more than 10 items at the forefront of innovation technology


1st line attend 2018 National Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Development Seminar and give a keynote speech

Recently, Zibo 1st line was invited to 2018 National Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Development Seminar, as a special guest, 1st line gave a wonderful speech, which was well received by all participating leaders and experts.


The meeting was organized by China Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Research Institute and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Professional Committee. China Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Research Institute was founded in 1984, formerly known as “China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Research Institute”, as changes of national government institutional reform, its business departments successively from the former State Economic Commission and Energy changes to State Development Planning Commission, National Petroleum & Chemical Industry Bureau, State Economic & Trade Commission. It is now headed by State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. and is a member of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry Association and China Federation of industry & economics. More than 90 enterprises including PetroChina and Sinopec, which sent their representatives to attend meeting, including enterprise leaders, experts and scholars, senior engineers,etc. Mr. Xu zhengning, vice chairman and secretary general of China Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Research Association addressed opening ceremony of the conference.


In a view of integration background and capability of international frontier technology of 1st line, conference organizer communicated with 1st line many times in advance by blessing 1st line have a number of highly related to international cutting-edge technology review, then invited and determined 1st line as a speaker of “application of oil refining enterprises and new technology of energy conservation and environmental protection” in the summit. In the meeting, representatives  of 1st line expounded polymer composite material technology in oil refinery equipment adopted by  tank corrosion, pipeline reinforcement, leakage control, metal rebuild, high temperature sealing, also detail introduce paraffin control, oily sludge treatment, hydrocarbon pollution control technology, sewage treatment technology, new production equipment, waste heat power generation, hydraulic cavitation, oxidation desulfurization, modern road technology,etc nine international cutting-edge technology. More Important in this meeting is 1st line not only points out current petrochemical industry in equipment maintenance, energy saving, environmental protection is facing many problems, and also gives 1st line technology as solution of technical support, triggering heat discussion and a strong focus of leaders and experts in the meeting, after meeting, the relevant enterprises and 1st line further reach cooperation agreement, will arrange specific time to invite 1st line to carry out technical connection work.

From long time, 1st line have been committed to helping industrial enterprises reducing  production costs, improving production efficiency, ensuring safe production and controlling pollution emissions, and providing a series of solutions for many of our partners. Through this meeting, to further raise public awareness of the blessing of 1st line in the industry, to make more oil refining enterprise knowledge, understand 1st line can also provide better solution for oil refining enterprises.