Micava International and IOS make technical communication on oily soil remediation technology

Recently, the representatives of Micava International made communication on oily soil remediation technology. Bruce detail introduced oily soil remediation technology features and showed us the photos of their projects. Both parties made long-term communication on the current market conditions and cooperation methods in China, and finally reached cooperation intention. Micava International will join with 1ST Line Technology Group to carry out further work on the introduction of this technology.

The treatment of IOSs oily soil treatment technology is relatively low, and the equipment and manpower required are very simple. Only 2 tractors, 1 site manager and 2-4 operators are needed for IOS process. Meanwhile, this technology require  determine oil type in the contaminated soil on site, so that make sure soil moisture index and ratio between bacteria and soil. This technology firstly make soil & cow dung & bacteria’s stratified mixing, adding a certain amount of water to allow the mixture to react. The mixing of soil, bacteria and cow dung increases soil temperature, providing a preferred environment for bacterial growth, IOS product can finish soil remediation in a short time. Generally, the whole project can be completed within 4-6 weeks depending on contaminated soil amount, pollution level and weather conditions. Treated soil  can be used to grow crops. IOSs oily soil treatment technology can be applied for petroleum and other oils’ treatment.

Currently, Micava International and lOS were having further discussion on cooperation details. Micava thought oily soil treatment polices in China market increasingly strict. Nowadays, oily contaminated soil treatment technologies are costly and less effective, so these companies was looking for more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. In view of this, if IOS technology can enter China market, the overall benefits are very substantial. Meanwhile, Bruce also made comment on technology confidentiality and operation in China market, and said they also had advanced treatment technologies in water pollution treatment. Next, both parties will conduct more diversified cooperation on oily soil treatment & water pollution treatment technologies.


1st line company obtained ISO9001 ISO 14001 World Standardization Certification for the 3rd Year

Recently, World Standardization Certification team conducted 2018 annual audit of 1st line, integrated each work standard, audit team assessed 1st line patent product, R&D technologies and marketing, the assessment met grant criteria. Until now, 1st line had obtained World Standardization Certification for three years, which played a important role in promoting 1st line to build a scientific and technological innovation group.

Currently, World Standardization Certification is enterprise management and product standard certification authority. 1st line has received the ISO9001 ISO14001 quality & environmental safety management system certification initially in 2016, and has been subject to the periodic review of World Standardization Certification every year to ensure that company quality & safety management conforms to international standards. Meanwhile, audit team reviewed national technology patents and invention patents obtained by 1st line in energy conservation & environmental protection high-tech project over the year, careful organized business process organizational structure staff quality and management awareness, and accessed sales and technical after-sales work of polymer composites, cleaning agent, soil stabilizer and dust suppression agent, which fully compatible with World Standardization Certification.

1st line as a company in the field of industrial equipment maintenance services for 16 years of high-tech enterprise, its research and development technical invention patent and technology management is a leading in industry, which has been in high level high standard strict management of enterprises, in the face of market test and technical challenges,1st line always with positive attitude to challenge, innovation and breakthrough. The third year obtained ISO9001 ISO14001 quality system certification, 1st line fully proves the efficiency and modernization achieved in enterprise management and product application. In the future, as an industry leader and high-tech holder, 1st line will continue to be strict with itself, making all contributions to the good operation of industrial equipment and application and promotion of advanced technology.