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Mibo International Corp. is a global innovation-drive industrial equipment and facilities management solutions company. We are currently looking for regional distributors for our patent products, including First Tech Biodegradable descaler and composites for equipment repair and maintenance.

We had spent years working with other R&D institutes on cleaning technology research and development. The innovation of Mibo have enable the users to use the world’s most advanced technology to save millions of annual costs on cleaning water system and repairing equipment. We are the direct supplier of First Tech, so we will offer you the best price and provide full technical support.


If you are a interested in the following products:

     Equipment Repair & Maintenance: wear / corrosion / leakage / erosion

  • Universal Descaler: 1st TECH F1
  • Specially Designed for Stainless Steel: 1st TECH F2 and Concentrated F2
  • Metal Repair & Protection
  • Machinable repair abrasive electric machine rotor's bearing housing  On-site repair cylinder housing  Corrosion protect heat exchanger sheet  Corrosion protect vacuum pump impeller
    Picture1: Machinable repair abrasive electric machine rotor’s bearing housing
    Picture2: On-site repair cylinder housing
    Picture3: Corrosion protect heat exchanger sheet
    Picture4: Corrosion protect vacuum pump impeller

  • Leakage Repair
  • Leak repair blower bearing box  Leak repair gas pipeline
    Picture1: Leak repair blower bearing box
    Picture2: Leak repair gas pipeline

  • Scour & Impact Resistance
  • Various pump repairing & rebuilding  Various pump repairing & rebuilding  Various pump repairing & rebuilding  Various pump repairing & rebuilding
    Pictures: Various pump repairing & rebuilding

  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Tube sheet protecting  Tube sheet protecting
    Picture: Tube sheet protecting

  • Concrete Repair
  • Restore Concrete floor restore  Patch concrete crack
    Picture1: Restore Concrete floor restore
    Picture2: Patch concrete crack

  • Rubber Repair & Seal
  • Repair rubber conveyor belt  Repair riser rubber roller   High temperature sealing material applied on Steam turbine
    Picture1: Repair rubber conveyor belt
    Picture2: Repair riser rubber roller
    Picture3: High temperature sealing material applied on Steam turbine

     Energy Saving & Consumption Reduction: waste heat recovery / electronic descaling / sea water desalination / frequency conversion electricity saving / water filter / non-corrosive cleaner

  • Water Treatment
  • Self-cleaning Water Filter
  • Electrical Water Descaler
  • Before  After
    Picture1&2: Before and after photos of cooling tower

  • Power Saving Technology

     Efficiency Improving: lubrication optimization/pump efficiency detection / emulsification technology / pipe liner

  • Online Rapid Repair
  • Online Rapid Repair  Online Rapid Repair  Online Rapid Repair  Online Rapid Repair
    Pictures: Use Super sealant/lubricant to reduce equipment friction and increase efficiency

     Environment Protecting: vapor suppression/ clean energy / oil-water separation / sludge drying

  • Waste Gas Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment

     Safety Control: Gas detection / infrared imagery / leakage detection / elevated-temperature seal /pipeline reinforcement

  • Operating Equipment Monitoring
  • Equipment Detecting

Please contact us for more detail information. A small product will bring you a huge benefit. We are looking forward to discuss with you on further details about the cooperation.

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