Equipment Repair & Maintenance

In a long period of time, many industrial enterprises are relying on the traditional outdated repair methods to deal with unexpected situations and equipment routine maintenance. The traditional repair methods will cause long downtimes and scrapped replacement, resulting in a huge labor cost and resources consumption. By using advanced technologies, we have helped many industrial enterprises to build up a specialized modern digital management system for equipment maintenance. We provide equipment management solutions including screening, diagnosis, repair, and maintenance to our clients to maximize the value of equipment utilization.

We offer our clients various kinds of equipment repair and maintenance services, including prevention and routing inspection, prior protection, emergency handling, periodic maintenance, spare parts and so on. We are also looking for state-of-the-arts equipment repair and maintenance technologies and products. If you and you company are looking to gain access to the markets in China, Mibo has the unique combination of talent, technology and resource management which gives us the ability to turn your ideas into reality, quickly and securely.

We are looking for products and solutions for the following:

Slurry Erosion Wear Problems
Fans Erosion Wear Problems
Fans Fouling Problems
Petrochemical Company Wastewater Subdivision
Wind Power Generation Base Loop Loosening Problem