Why Need To Clean Water Scale


The Importance of Equipment Cleaning

Mineral scale occurs wherever circulating water exists, and it forms very fast (generally less than 3 weeks). Even a very thin layer, it will also cause insulation, make equipment inefficient, increase cost, and in some serious cases, it will shut down the whole system and even cause explosion. These problems have already existed in different fields, and are becoming worse and worse.

1. Problems caused by scale

Conduction of heat reduces or disappears
Equipment operation efficiency reduces, output drops
Lower flow rate, flow measurement is not accurate
Corrosion problem, equipment life service shortens
Energy consumption increases
Scale affects product quality
Causes shut down
Causes explosion

2. Effect on energy consumption caused by scale

According to some research data, 1.5mm thick scale could increase energy consumption by 15%, while efficiency could drop greatly.

As the chart shows below is a piston type refrigeration compressor 8AS10. Based on the 6000 hours’ operation time a year, when condenser water pipe gets different amount of scale, the calculation analysis of the compressor:

Evaporating temperature


Scale thickness






Compressor cooling capacity






Cooling capacity decrease





Shaft power






Shaft power increase





Cooling capacity






Cooling capacity decrease





8AS10 yearly increased energy consumption





Increased percentage





Increased cost





Note: the average electrovalence here is $0.0732 per kwh.


I. The Importance Of Central Heating System Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Scaling Problems of Plate Heat Exchanger

Circulating water forms scale when heated (Scale thickness increase 1 mm, heat transfer efficiency decreases 8%-9% or even more)
Outside impurities make pipe network blocked
Rust from inner surface of the pipe forms rust mud

These problems have greatly reduced the efficiency of the heat exchanger, also have damaged the heating system caused by scaling and corrosion.

Energy consumption increases, and operating cost goes up

After scale and biological slime form in the heating system, the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger declines, the flow area of the circulating water decreases, and the flow resistance increases. As a result, energy consumption in the whole operation process increases dramatically, and so does the heating cost.

Work efficiency declines, and heating result affects

The scale in the heating system makes heat exchanger inefficient, resulting the media temperature difference between the inlet and outlet shrink, and then lowers the heating efficiency.

Heat loss caused by scale ( CaCO2 mainly)

Scale Thickness (mm)
0.5 0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.2

Heat Loss (%)
3.5 7.0 8.0 10.0 12.5 15.0

Shorten the Service Life of the Equipment

Scale and slime would seriously affect the normal operation of the system. Due to the corrosion problem, the metal materials in the heating water system would be damaged, and this damage would definitely shorten the heat exchanger’s service life.

By using 1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler:

Clean away all the scale, slime, and corrosion products in the circulating water system. Ensure the system operate safely, normally, and with a high efficiency
Reduce operation cost, save energy, save power consumption or heat consumption by 20%~30%
Protect heat exchanger plate, and prolong service life


II. The Importance Of Central Air Conditioner Cleaning

As is known to all, air is one of the main ways to spread epidemic diseases. People have been aware of the importance of a quality environment while chasing a healthy life. When we pay more attention on environment problems, such as the ozone layer, atmospheric pollution, and emissions, indoor environment pollution has been the primary pollution which threatens our health.

With the development of economy and improvement in people’s living standards, central air condition and ventilation system have become an important facility in many buildings. People have been used to work, study, and live in an air conditioned room. However, do we really have nothing to worry about? According to the World Health Organization’s statistics, burden of disease caused by indoor air pollution is five times more than that caused by outdoor air pollution. As the growth of people’s recognition of the disease transmission (such as legionella) by using air condition, especially under the threat of H1N1 in year 2009, and H7N9 in 2013, people have realized the importance of air condition cleaning.

By using 1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler:

Clean away all the scale, slime, and corrosion products in the ventilation system. Ensure the system operate safely, normally, and with a high efficiency
Reduce operation cost and save energy consumption
Prevent future problems and improving the air you breathe